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As the Summer Solstice approaches, the Aliens return to meet up with the Mayans?  

Slow your roll bro, this is Northern Michigan.

-Brian Tanis

"Some Days You just Can’t Get Rid of A Bomb"

-Batman (1966)

Lineup numbers around Chicago, are creeping North, none of these guys are new though.   

Making Lemmonade is a lot of what surfers do around here. (Chicago)

A little trip north.

New Guys: Sean Primeau, Ian Woods, Marcus Quintiliano

Return Customers: Brian Tanis, Jack Flynn, Bernie Konrady

We started this 1 year ago…happy first birthday Lake Michigan Style

Manageable Indifferences on Opposite Day=Uncontrollable Urges,  something most surfers would admit to suffering from.

This is my Homebreak, Cliffs, surfing with my homeboy Jacob Kaiser and a few others.  This place, on its day, goes OFF!!!   I love surfing here.

Part 1

Surfing is Pat Noyes And Rich Nix and Unknown

Filmed by Pat Noyes and Ian Jacobson

Part 2 means meeting the Aliens

Every so often, we actually go to the ocean where the “real surfing” is…pffffft yea right!! We know what the “Real Surfing” is really “All About.”

Here’s a few lakers including:

Brad Tunis, Ryan Gerard, and Peter Dixon.  

And A few Expats and Moroccan LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLocals.  

Happy International Surfing Day From Chicago


Jacob Kaiser

Jack Flynn

Will Rozier

Eli Lebovics

Pete Lambert

Tommy Shimenetto